F.A.Q & Contact Information

Is e-invoicing available?

Yes, e-invoice is available for the following registered vendors:

  • Vendors@Gov
  • GeBiz
  • ifss (AP-Direct)
  • SESAMi
  • SAP Ariba

Who Are We?

About My Gift Story:

We are a bunch of entrepreneurs that aspire to be Gift Solution Experts. (Yes, we are making that a thing now) embarassed

Our aim is to provide affordable and reliable gifts to the Singapore market. We specialise in B2B orders, such as corporate gifts or enterprise bulk orders to consumers looking to order door gifts for weddings, birthdays and all such events too! However, we are branching out to the B2C market, so if you have small orders do not hesitate to enquire as well.

Can we pay through this website? :
No, this website is to let you check and compare prices for the gifts you are interested in, and our salesperson will pick up on your order as soon as you send the enquiry. This is because there are details that we need to finalise with you, and we aim to provide the best service possible.
What if I want a product that is not listed?
Challenge accepted. cool Please send us an image or a link to the said product and we will come up with a quotation for you if possible.

My Orders

Is the Enquiry quantity final?

No, you may still change the quantity in the enquiry cart itself, or inform us when a salesperson contacts you. Do take note that the price may differ for a different quantity selected. You are advised to choose the nearest quantity in the Price Checker form to get a feel of the price per piece for different quantities.

Is the Enquiry Price final? :
No, the enquiry price is at best a very reliable estimation but it may not be the final price you pay.
Can I get sample products?
Depending on the size of your order, yes we may provide sample pieces for you.

Contact Us


Theresa: +65 8499 1803

Linda: +65 9150 1873

Jenny: +65 9834 1792


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