Wheat Straw Tumbler

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Made from wheat straw plant fiber composite material; capacity of 300ml; biodegradable; double-insulated ; portable strap ; food grade silicone sealing ring ensures no water leakage; round and smooth cup rim for easy cleaning 


* The cup is made form wheat straw plant fiber composite material that is biodegradable to ensure it is healthy and safe for use.

* The cup is designed in double insulated way to keep temperature-lock inside and protect your hands from heat.

* As the material is from wheat straw, the cup emits faint wheat smell and brings quite natural feel.

* The strap attached on the cup offers nice hand feel and is durable to use as well as makes it portable.

* The food grade waterproof silicone ring featuring good sealing quality ensures the cup will not leak any water while using it.

* The cup is designed in proper size with smooth cup rim to make it easy for cleaning.

* Presentable in Kraft paper box packaging

Available in 4 colour.

Free Delivery for 1 Singapore location
Sample available for viewing

3 reviews for Wheat Straw Tumbler

  1. Nur

    Very prompt delivery and hassle-free the designs for the orders.
    The tumbler comes in beautiful pastel colours with high quality printing.

  2. Samania

    Efficient service, prompt delivery and nice packaging.

  3. Sharon

    The delivery was prompt and the service is very good. Packaging was excellent as well. Thank you.

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